STEAM School Kit

Our STEAM School Kit provides over 4000 pieces, enough for an entire classroom of students. You will find many creative curriculum aligned lessons and activities in Strawbees Classroom. With 5 precut straw sizes and 4 color-coded connectors, students can build a large cityscape, rollercoaster tracks, a pyramid structure, and moving mechanical arms and claws. The kit includes a storage box with pull-out trays for easy material management.

Product Details

  • Connectors โ€“ 1-leg Blue ร— 1024
  • Connectors โ€“ 2-leg Yellow ร— 512
  • Connectors โ€“ 3-leg Green ร— 512
  • Connectors โ€“ 5-leg Red ร— 256
  • Building straws โ€“ 240mm Blue ร— 512
  • Building straws โ€“ 205mm Green ร— 360
  • Building straws โ€“ 112mm Pink ร— 512
  • Building straws โ€“ 80mm Orange ร— 256
  • Building straws โ€“ 48mm Yellow ร— 256
  • Clips ร— 160
  • Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck ร— 1
  • Posters ร— 2

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