Robotic Inventions for micro:bit - Single Pack

Build and code robots that move! The Strawbees Robotic Inventions integrate Strawbees construction with the micro:bit. Effortlessly connect servo motors, explore RGB-pixel lights, and craft robots or mechanical structures such as a crane. Utilize Microsoft MakeCode's block-based programming platform, and, to top it off, power your creation with batteries independently of a computer.

Product Details

  • Strawbees Robotics boards for micro:bit
  • Strawbees clip for micro:bit
  • Servo motor 120 (SM-S2309S)
  • Servo motor mounts white ร— 2
  • Servo motor arms ร— 3
  • Screws for servo mounts and arms ร— 3
  • Mini screwdrivers ร— 1
  • Servo extension cables ร— 1
  • Eyes ร— 2
  • Eye sticker sheet
  • Sneaker shoes ร— 2
  • Poster
  • Official Strawbees MakeCode extension

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