Imagination Kit

Practice storytelling and problem-solving with the Imagination Kit. It includes color-coded pieces, add-ons like clips and eyes, an intro poster, and 100+ challenge cards. Engage in the creative process of making prototypes, sketching, testing, reflecting, and improving. Create a machine to catch ideas, a new secret alphabet, a robotic version of yourself, or a pollution-fighting device. Imagine, Sketch, and Make!

Product Details

  • Building straws โ€“ 240mm Blue ร— 50
  • Building straws โ€“ 205mm Green ร— 50
  • Building straws โ€“ 112mm Pink ร— 60
  • Building straws โ€“ 80mm Orange ร— 72
  • Building straws โ€“ 48mm Yellow ร— 42
  • Connectors โ€“ 1-leg Blue ร— 74
  • Connectors โ€“ 2-leg Yellow ร— 40
  • Connectors โ€“ 3-leg Green ร— 50
  • Connectors โ€“ 5-leg Red ร— 26
  • Clips ร— 16
  • Eyes with clips ร— 4
  • Eye sticker sheet ร— 1
  • Sneaker shoe ร— 2
  • Duck feet ร— 2
  • Poster ร— 1
  • Pocketful of Ideas Card Deck ร— 1

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